7 Foods You Can Eat All Day and Still Lose Weight

N°1: Watermelon. Not only watermelon is packed with some serious hydration (91.5 percent water) but it also has a very low amount of calories (30 calories for 100g).

N°2: Kiwi. This fruit from china, only has 53 calories. Here is a cool fact, Kiwifruit contain enzymes that help protein digestion. So now after your protein shakes, take a kiwi!

N°3: Eggs (70 – 80 calories). Eggs Contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin, antioxidants that tend to build up the retina of the eye.

N°4:Apples (70 calories). This great fruit contains also a huge amount of benefits. For example, it boosts your immune system, it decreases the risk of diabetes and it even whitens your teethes due to a bigger production of saliva in your mouth.

N°5: Quinoa (85 calories for 1/3 cup). Thanks to the huge amount of nutrient quinoa contains, it is great for your lunch or dinner.

N°6: 1 slice of whole grain bread (65 calories). This one is more basic but still great for breakfast or snacks. Whole grain bread is full of fiber, it helps digestion and it can help you have a lower cholesterol level.

N°7: Sweet potatoes (55 calories). High in vitamin B6 and C, get a super healthy and tasty food that you can put in many different recipes.


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